An apology

I just wanted to break with tradition and issue a brief statement of apology for my absence from this blog. I worked hard on this for several years because I had quite a lot of time to devote to watching, thinking, reflecting, writing. But now life seems to have shaken and stirred me a bit, some good things and some bad, and I have let my obligations fall away. But I’m back! I’ve popped the cork on a pleasant cava, drawn the curtains, opened a file, and am getting back to it.

Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone for reading and especially for taking the time to comment. I love them all, keep ’em coming.


13 Responses to “An apology”

  1. Kerry C. Says:

    Well I for one cannot wait That is wonderful news Merl. Your beautiful prose is just too special to be left unshared. Bring it on!

    As a writer myself I know what it is like to have Real LIfe encroach on time, creativity and discipline of writing.

  2. merltheearl Says:

    Thank you, Kerry.

  3. Anachron Says:

    It’s good to see you back, Merl. And no need to apologize — it’s completely understandable that real life has to take priority. I look forward to your posts.


  4. Dona Says:

    You don’t need to apologize, it happens so often to all of us too. Take your time, we are still here and we’re not planning to leave…

  5. Nadine Says:

    Great to see you back Merl – eagerly awaiting more posts!

  6. Lynn Says:

    Merle, so good to have you back. I have been off on other things myself, but checking in. I have missed your prose and insight into our boys and S&H. No need to apologize, sometimes shit happens.
    Looking forward to future posts,

  7. merltheearl Says:

    Shit does happen, Lynn! And often thrown with great velocity. Thanks to everyone for encouragement.

  8. Daniela Says:

    I’ve been checking in periodically too, and waiting faithfully. I am looking forward to more posts!
    Welcome back!

  9. King David Says:

    Always happy to read new insights to S&H, and no-one does it like you, Merl.
    Real Life does take prioroty, but escaping into S&H land can be a welcome diversion when it all gets too much.
    Hope you are getting on top of things and you are nailing those turkeys.

  10. Nyssa Says:

    Don’t remember if I have told you this before, but I adore your blog! I’m delighted to see you’re back. I have had such fun reading here.

    • merltheearl Says:

      Nyssa, I realized I forgot to reply to your extremely kind message. Thank you! Sometimes I think I can’t possibly add anything else to this massive project, but then I find something to say, relevant or not. I’m glad you enjoy it.

  11. Dianna Says:

    Dear Merl, I have recently rediscovered Starsky and Hutch, and find myself obsessively watching and rewatching episodes, and then watching again while skipping over the scenes that don’t include S&H.

    I am delighted to have found your blog, and impressed and astonished at how long you have kept it going with so few gaps. It will become an important part of my viewing and re-viewing.

    Thank you for giving providing a place where I can discuss this wonderful show.


    • merltheearl Says:

      Hi Dianna, I’m so glad you found the blog and that it adds to your viewing experience. Please chime iin when you feel like it – I love to be enlightened (and challenged).

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