A New Year’s Wish

Just a note to all my Starsky and Hutch friends all over the world, here, on Tumblr and elsewhere: may you be healthy and happy in 2014, curious and inspired, and strong enough to thrive in this chaotic world of ours. I appreciate all of you for your kind comments and observations and for taking the time to read this little blog – you have made this project stronger and better.

And as well to Mr. Soul and Mr. Glaser, a sincere and respectful thank you. You will most likely never read this, but thank you all the same.



16 Responses to “A New Year’s Wish”

  1. KerryC Says:

    And a Happy New Year to you too Merl…I am grateful for the wonderful little journeys your blog has taken me on over the past year or more since I have been reading it. I hope you find the time, inspiration and energy to bring more delight to your readers and followers.

  2. marianrose Says:

    Happy New Year to you also. Reading your work on S&H has provided much inspiration and happiness to me. Thank you so much.

  3. merltheearl Says:

    Marianrose, it’s very nice to hear from you. I’m glad you like the blog.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Dear Merle,
    Your bog, S&H, and most importantly, Glaser and Soul themselves have all been an integral part of a wonderful journey I have been on for the past three years. I never would have made it to where I am today without the blend of all of these factors. Your reviews and interpretations and observations of the series were spot on and so intuitive. You have finally brought the kind of recognition that the series always deserved. I was fortunate enough to meet them both in April. They are kind and inspiring men. I was able to relay to Paul that I thought that they never got the credit that they deserved for the series and their acting. He dropped his head, uttered a quiet “thank you”, and then flashed me the Starsky smile. Priceless.
    Thank you Merle for everything,

    • merltheearl Says:

      Lynn, these are incredibly kind words. I only wish this little blog had the internet wattage to actually change anyone’s perceptions – it doesn’t – but thank you. And also, I can’t quite wrap my head around being the recipient of one of those Glaser smiles. You are lucky indeed.

    • Dianna Says:

      Lynn, don’t do that! Now all I can think about is what it would be like to receive one of those Starsky smiles in person. You’re killing me!

  5. Daniela Says:

    Happy New year to you too, and I join in the thanks for the work you have done in this blog! I wish there was a way to have both Soul and Glaser see it and read it and who knows, maybe even comment on the posts… Well, one can dream, or not?
    I think if you want to get a Starsky smile, and a Hutch one too, you should go to those conventions, organized by the David Soul’s fan page… They are both there and seem to have lots of fun with the fans…
    And that would be your opportunity to drop a couple of business cards with the blog address….
    Anyhow, again, happy new year, bay it be the best yet and may it be filled with many more posts on S&H!

    • merltheearl Says:

      I suspect neither actor would like this project too much. If our positions were reversed, would I like to read about myself in such obsessive detail? Probably not.

  6. Daniela Says:

    well, the appreciation for their work and their talent shines through your posts, and the comments the readers leave show how they are still very much loved by people and how they have, if not changed lives, at least made them better….
    I think that would be appreciated…

  7. Lynn Says:

    how could they not be impressed by your work here? You have invested years and it is a serious analysis of the series and recognition of their talents. I would think that they would be extremely flattered. It appeared to me that they are both a bit humbled and taken aback by all the love and support that is still out there for them.
    As to the Glaser smile, the wattage can’t be measured and lights you up inside and out. He may be 70, but he could still charm the pants off a nun, LOL.

  8. merltheearl Says:

    Daniela and Lynn, a big laugh and thanks from me.

  9. Dianna Says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t see this thread sooner! Happy New Year to everyone. Merl, I echo everyone else’s thanks!

    (What do you do on Tumblr?)

  10. Bilbrey Says:

    Oh how very true!

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